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Protection Choices for Harley & Cruiser Riders

From Paul English,
Owner ActionStations - Lifelong Rider

 Paul English, Owner

Cruisers Don't Crash Do They?

A huge part, if not the majority of Harley & Cruiser riders don't think they are at risk when riding,

  • Because they don't ride fast.
  • Or they've been riding for 40 years.
  • Or they've never had a wreck in those 40 years.

If you're in this category, it's unlikely that you are actually reading this!

But if you are - don't worry - I'm not going to try and change your mind. There's no point.

Protection and safety is a personal issue, for us all to come to terms with and find a solution that fits our psyche At This Moment In Time.

And this is an important point - we change.

Our customer base is 80% over the age of 50 who until a few years earlier were supremely confident in their abilities to shrug of occasional tumbles.

And anyway cruisers are safe - not like crotch rockets - Right?!


They're Out To Get You

OK, now for some hard factors to think about.

  • Harley's and Cruiser style motorcycles make up about 70% of all motorcycles on the road.
  • Traffic pulling out in front, or cutting across of you does not differentiate about what kind of bike it's screwing up.
  • 95% of all motorcycle accidents are at less than 45 mph (there's no official stats here, but I'd bet my life on it).
  • Wet, greasy, oily roads are not selective about which bikes they challenge.
  • Due to their design, cruisers generally do not have state of the art brakes - to react to say, sudden stalled traffic.

Protection - For You

So hopefully we have established that all motorcycles and riders are equal opportunity crash prospects, a rider has to decide his or her comfort level regarding protection.

Some riders are confident and content with minimal gear - perhaps not even a jacket.
But, some riders get so into the concept that they put on a fully armored riding suit as soon as they get out of the shower!

You need to find a happy medium that works for you, it's different for every one of us.

Think about:

  • Helmets & Goggles
  • Jackets & Suits
  • Riding Pants and leg protection
  • Boots

And then the type of riding you are doing

  • City, urban or open country
  • Traffic density and nature
  • Weather - Hot, cold, wet or dry
  • Occasional use of everyday commuting

At ActionStation.com we are a specialist protection solutions source.
We don't sell Helmets or Apparel - there's tons of places to get that, and a huge range of styles, colors and materials - but I'd suggest a great place to get ideas is the

New Amazon Motorcycle Store - there's a huge range of every product from all the leading brands.

And Amazon is the best in terms of trust and reliability. You can do price comparisons, readers reviews and much more.

Check out the Amazon Motorcycle Store here.

You can also buy Bohn Armor at our Store at Amazon here.

But at ActionStations we do supply a wide range of supplementary protection which has great applications for Harley & Cruiser riding.

  • Bohn Bodyguard Adventure Armored Pants - to wear under your jeans - who doesn't want to ride in jeans?
  • Bohn Armored Shorts
  • Bohn Airtex Armored Shirts - Great lightweight protection for the heat.
  • Back Protectors
  • Kidney Belts
  • Neck Braces - and much more.

The Answer is to assess your personal concerns and needs and get gear that is right for you.

That way you will be comfortable and confident - you'll relax and enjoy your ride!


Peer Pressure is Dumb - But Happens!

The huge growth in the Harley sector during the last 20 years has been thanks to the lifestyle image of the Harley riding image....sunglasses, riding on the open roads...wearing a T shirt, and 'Born to Be Wild' playing in your brain.
Don't feel intimidated to be the only guy in the group wearing body protection.

Heck, the Bohn Bodyguard Adventure Armored Pants are practically invisible under jeans , and they're my personal choice!

Check them and the other gear out now

If you have questions of queries, please don't hesitate to
contact us!

When you are comfortable with your gear choices, you will relax and enjoy your ride.

And that's what it's all about!



Protection can be discrete and virtually invisible.


Intersection crashes like these happen every day, and the rider comes off worse.


Armor solutions fit men & women.


You don't have to look like Darth Vader.


We find women riders tend to be more safety conscious.


Unfortunately most riding is not on open roads like this!

This Harley rider is actually VERY HAPPY! Read why...